Recommended Links and Resources

If you want to learn more about my progressive ideology and why autistics deserve better treatment than mayonaise covered Christians, check out the following links:

New Links

Mindmap That Documents The Rise of Right Wing Authoritarianism (A Must Check Out)

Autism Acceptance Links

We need more links for this, please contact me if you want to help.

Autistic Advocasy Network > Autism Speaks (Autism Speaks is evil)

Autistics United Vancouver, Canada

Autistic Advocacy Affiliates

Ex-Evangelical Links

A Must Read Update on the Freedom Convoy

If a US Church Gets Political, Send a Report

Straight White American Jesus Podcast

Jesus and John Wayne Book (a hard but necessary book to read)

The Rise of Christian Nationalism in Canada (slightly outdated book)

Kevin Garcia

Activist Theology

Chris Kratzer's Blog Posts

Other Links

Use Caustic to Make Your Rap Beats

Resources to Stay Creative

Start Prepping Here

Left Turn Canada Podcast

How Private Equity Looted America

Fediverse 101

The Next Move of the GOP (Right-Leaning Source/Scary Shit)

All Paths Lead to Rome

Why We Are Fucked